Exterior Wall Cladding Pannels

Windermax is most experienced firm for your home exterior designing with Exterior Wall Cladding Pannels

Windermax offers amazing Laminates for Commercial, Residential and Industrial application. What's more, now gladly introducing improved WINDERMAX HPL compact sheets that are strong beautifying board produced using thermosetting pitches homogenously strengthened with uncommon retentive art paper and made under high pressure and temperature.
All things considered the boards are solid self supporting and tough relying upon application. These HPL are produced using various layers of melamine resin impregnated stylistic craft paper and a several special resin impregnated make center layers. To build surface scraped area protection it is squeezed under water powered weight with controlled warming and cooling process. Because of their toughness, low maintenance cost HPL compact laminates

Windermax Description

WinderMax is High Pressure Laminates (HPL), as defined by the national and international standards for HPL, are high-density Pannels, finished and ready for use, which have exceptional mechanical, physical strength and chemical resistance, are easy to work and simple to maintain.
It is first and only assured fifteen year warranty HPL as in exterior use, it has been researched and developed from find resin and thermosetting with the balance of high pressure and temperature. HPL Pannels are made of several layers of cellulose fiber material impregnated with thermosetting resins and then simultaneously subjected to both pressure (9 MPa)) and heat (140 / 150�C) in special presses, for a fixed time, which varies depending on the type of laminate. Prepared with UV acrylic craft paper in the surface of HPL compact laminate sheets at both sides. So everyone has spell bounded by the classy and elegant look. This process creates a stable, inert, homogeneous, nonporous and high density material, with physical and chemical properties that are totally different from those of its original ingredients. In addition, given its very low permeability, HPL acts as a barrier against the possible emission of formaldehyde and other volatile substances (VOCs) from any timber substrates it is applied to.

Properties of Windermax HPL

The heat (140/150�C) and high pressure (9MPa) to which it is subjected ensure that Windermax HPL possesses exceptional qualities of hardness and scratch, impact, abrasion, chemical and heat resistance, properties that make it the ideal material for the widest variety of applications. Its main mechanical, physical and chemical characteristics are as follows.


HPL laminate surfaces are durable, compact and highly impermeable due to the melamine resin they are made from and are not damaged by food and chemicals commonly used in the home; HPL is a thermosetting material and does not react with these substances. It is not subject to corrosion or oxidation and therefore does not require additional protective enamel or varnish. It is hygienic. It represents hostile territory for the proliferation of germs and bacteria and, unlike other materials of synthetic origin has antistatic properties and therefore does not attract dust. In addition, HPL laminate Pannels may be of large dimension and are therefore ideal for cladding extensive areas without joints or crevices where dirt could more easily collect.

Resistance to bacteria

HPL are more hygienic and easier to clean than ordinary furniture finishes. One of the properties of Windermax HPL is exceptional resistance to the growth of micro-organisms such as bacteria, moulds and fungi. This quality makes them ideal for applications where hygiene plays an essential role. Windermax has a special laminate in its collection with even greater hygienic properties. It is a biostatic, microbiologically tested laminate, which inhibits bacterial growth and reduces the number of bacteria by 99% in 24 hours. The active ingredient ensuring this level of performance.

Reaction to fire

In general, HPL laminates have excellent fire performance with low smoke emissions. In the event of fire, they do not catch fire easily (only at very high temperatures) and do not soften or run. Windermax flame retardant HPL categories, in particular, have specific properties that retard the spread of flames. Being flame Retardant HPL the best performance possible for an organic material. The standard grade, however, meets the requirements of asked as so far.

Manufacturing Details

  1. Strength & Flexibility: For more tensile strength & flexibility, unbleached / absorbent craft paper with long cellulose fiber manufactured from virgin pulp is used.
  2. Ultimate Finish: Italian mould plates, which impart the ultimate surface texture / finish, are used. Made of all imported design paper, including 'A' Grade Kraft�s paper for penetration of the best chemical.
  3. Usage of standard Raw Material: High quality raw material is used.
  4. Reduced Adhesive Consumption: Double sanding belt is used to give a polished roughness, which reduces adhesive consumption by approximately 20%.
  5. Durability: A unique SAFE Technology is used for durable output.
  6. Regular Weight: A high density is maintained for each sheet to weight more 28.5 kgs.

The Advantage

Windermax is a durable material, available in wide range of colors. Its excellent technical properties make it particularly suitable for the building industry where it offers an ideal alternative to traditional materials.
Windermax HPL is specialized and in generally used for exterior such as to clad facades and balconies, for street furniture and external signs, and is particularly suited for the creation of ventilated facades.