Compact king - Interior Wall Cladding Pannels

HPL is a compact laminate sheet, HPL as in interior use, it has been researched and manufactured from fine resin and thermosetting with the balance of high pressure and temperature. Prepared with acrylic craft paper in the surface of HPL compact laminate sheets at both sides. The look of front surface has elegant and sophisticated, this result as an eye-catcher for every visitor and give your home a different and tremendous look.
The manufacturing process involves the combined application of heat (150*c) and high pressure (9 MPa) in multi-daylight presses in which resin polycondensation takes place. EH6+ has single side laminated so it will be used as both sides can be decorative form it. It can be supplied as standard (HPL) or flame retardant (HPL F1) versions; the latter have flame retardant additives mixed with the phenolic resins.

Manufacturing Details

  1. Strength & Flexibility: Strength & Flexibility: For more tensile strength & flexibility, unbleached / absorbent craft paper with long cellulose fiber manufactured from virgin pulp is used.
  2. Ultimate Finish: Italian mould plates, which impart the ultimate surface texture / finish, are used.
  3. Made from imported design paper, including good Kraft’s paper for penetration for best look.
  4. Usage Raw Material: High quality raw material is used for preparing these HPL sheets.
  5. Reduced Adhesive Consumption: Double sanding belt is used to give a polished roughness, which reduces adhesive consumption by approximately 20%.
  6. Durability: A unique SAFE Technology is used for durable output..
  7. Consistent Weight: A high density is maintained for each sheet to weight more than 25 kgs..

The Advantage

HPL Compact laminated HPL sheets are a durable solid material, accessible in extensive variety of hues. Its superb specialized properties make it especially reasonable for the building business where it offers a perfect contrasting option to customary materials.
HPL is utilized to clad exteriors and galleries, for road furniture and outer signs, and is especially suited for the formation of ventilated facings.
The Compact Laminate HPL sheets cover a wide range of patterns and finish that can satisfy multiple design and color requirements.


HPL surface do not require any specific cleaning procedure. Any residue from machining or assembly operations can be removed with common, non-abrasive, households detergents using paper towels, sponges or soft cloths.
Rising is recommended to remove all traces of detergents and it should be dried thoroughly to avoid leaving marks. Normal grime deposits can be removed from the installed panels with common, non-abrasive, household detergents. Always avoid excessive rubbing or wiping and the use of instruments that could cause abrasion or scratching.
Although very durable, the surface of HPL must still never be treated with products containing abrasive substances, abrasive sponges or unsuitable products, such as sandpaper or steel wool.
Products with a high acid or very alkaline content should be avoided because they can stain the surface.
When using solvents, the cloth used must be perfectly clean so as not to leave marks on the HPL surface. Any streaks can still be removed by rinsing with hot water and drying.
Avoid furniture polishes and wax based cleaners in general, because they tend to form a sticky layer on the dense HPL surface, to which the dirt adheres.