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About Us

The Most Talented Interior
Designers & Architects

Our integrated practice undertakes consultancy in master planning, Architecture urban design, Structure and civil engineering, Electrical, plumbing and sanitary engineering, Air conditioning and FDV system, Fire fighting system, Quantity serving and estimating and project management. Our unique multi- disciplinary approach is the reason for creation of some of the most iconic buildings across the globe in addition to our commitment to designs excellence by imbibing innovation and sustainability in our works. Our firm, from the very beginning has ensured the inclusion of vernacular and sustainable architecture and associated design practices in our projects. Our multi faceted family include some of the best industrial architects, institutional architects, structural engineers ETC. We have been received Global award and recognition across major design platform such as the BUILD REVIEW’S 2018 Architecture innovation Award, wherein we have been recognized as the most Innovative Indian Architectural Designs Firm for the year 2018, amongst other numerous award. Our firm has been constantly been ranked among the top 100 architectural firms in the world, featuring yet again in 2020

Why choose Us

Since the establishment of WINDERMAX we have earned a lot of reputation Because of hard work we are best and the leading construction company in the region. Our employees are our pearl, they make work complete in time. Our priority is client’s requirements and satisfactionand by work we make their dreams comes true. Also one of the main reason for our achievements is we provide services in affordable price.


WINDERMAX pure and simple want to be your choice for your constructional and architectural need. We know anyone can build your project, it is much harder to build a relationship which fully depends on trust and service. This can only happen with a foundation of strong ideals and values which permeate a company.


To be a world class infrastructure construction and real estate development company committed to total customer satisfaction, by building on your strengths- innovative designs, superlative quality of material, new technology, timely completion and demonstrating the highest standard of workmanship.